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Aftab Uddin

Br. Aftab Uddin_Masud Akther Associates
  • Supreme Court of Bangladesh

Aftab Uddin


Barrister-at-Law of Lincoln’s Inn
          Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh

A talented individual with responsibility, and commitment towards work and reflect a high level of competence in an extensive range of duties. An organized and flexible person, capable of working accurately and logically in any given situation. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills and able to work in a team and keen to use initiative and develop ideas.

I am passionate, hardworking, motivated, and driven.

Key Skills and Attributes

Case Preparation and Analysis: extract and distill the core issues, formulate objectives and build strategy and argument.

Conference Skills: extracting information quickly and logically, challenging people without losing their trust, and giving people news that will change their lives.

Negotiation Skills: mechanics of effective negotiation, identification of objectives in complex and emotive situations, building strategies that take heed of financial constraints, procedural rules, and professional ethics.

Opinion Writing: present cogent analysis that deals with the objectives of a case, the best strategy to pursue, and the likely outcomes.

Drafting: the skill of drafting legal documents, these could be contracts, regulations, witness statements, and ‘pleadings’, absolutely precise, accurate, and succinct.

Advocacy: (a) Making Speeches and Applications: constructing a logical argument, pitching an argument at the appropriate level, combining written argument with oral persuasion, using voice and manner to their best advantage, accommodating weaknesses and remaining successful, dealing with interruptions and questions.

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