Masud Akhter & Associates is a multi-disciplinary set of consultants, advocates and barristers. The chamber is proud of its reputation for excellence in all areas of advocacy and advisory work which continues to grow nationally and internationally. We aim to provide the highest quality of service possible to our individual, corporate or institutional clients at all the times.
We aim to work in co-operation with all our clients to ensure dependable and effective delivery of services from initial instruction until case completion. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, and our approachability and efficiency. We are committed to monitoring and reviewing our in-house quality management systems to ensure excellent service delivery consistency. Our specialist legal team is supported by excellent qualified clerks and admin team whose experience, depth of knowledge and personal service, ensure that your experience of working with Masud Akhter & Associates is both advantageous and pleasant.
We are a well-resourced and widely recognised as one of the most innovative and forward-looking chambers in Bangladesh. Our experienced and well qualified legal team members are supported by dedicated, experienced and dedicated team of clerks and admin team with the experience, depth of knowledge and personal service essential in today’s demanding legal environment. We take the time to get to know our clients. We strive to be open, approachable and accountable, redefining the traditional distance between lawyer and client.
We work firm ‘behind the scenes’ to warrant that the experience of our clients with the chamber is professional, reachable and inventive. Experience has taught us that working in partnership with clients, setting standards for our performance, reviewing our work and listening to our client’s changing needs, creates the right climate for pioneering solutions and adds value to our clients’ experience over and above quality legal representation.


Our Attorneys

Ted Wells

Ted Wells is known as a tenacious fighter who protects his client’s interests as though they were his own.

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David Boies

Attorney David Boies has a track record of recovery in civil matters. He is a protector of individual rights.

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Scooter Libby

Scooter Libby is an American former lawyer, a prominent republican and former adviser to Human Rights law film.

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