Supreme Court’s ruling on arbitrary arrest

We welcome the Supreme Court's verdict to uphold High Court directives to stop police forces from making arbitrary arrests on suspicion and torturing arrestees while in remand. This has happened after 13 long years since the HC gave the directives. But though late in coming, the SC's move will no doubt give hope to the people of this country that arbitrary arrests, torture and death in custody will become aberrations of the past. The directives include, among other things, barring [...]

Symposium on budgetary allocation

Law and Justice' plays an imperative role in economy. Likewise, development is often equated with economic factors only. However, law and justice contribute greatly to influence the performance of these economic factors and thereby to ensure social and economic justice in any society. Since development of a country contributes towards an effective system of law and justice and as such, there exists in independent relationship between 'law and justice' and development, it is vital to see if this Ministry of [...]